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Snark Gun

It's been a while but here's a few I just made

Posted by batagur on 2011.09.05 at 17:02
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Boba Fett

Ren and Stimpy Strikeout icons

Posted by batagur on 2007.06.01 at 13:55
Because protest can be serious and still be fun!

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Free. no comment or credit needed. I know, the protest is over... sort of... maybe... We will see.

Snark Gun

Just thinking about warnings now. :)

Posted by batagur on 2006.12.04 at 23:03
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Are you a little tired of the over-played theme in slash fiction that "Saint (fill-in-the-blank)" can do no wrong, is the universe's sexiest martyr, and is so not worthy of the other victim slash pairing character in the fic?

Does it make you shout when authors portray the other guy as a bastard and an unspeakable cad who has practically no physical appeal at all other than being the object of "Saint (fill-in-the-blank)'s" slash lust?

Well, here is you chance to politely tell those authors to back off your man!

And a special request.

Boba Fett

Ya know you've felt it sometime.

Posted by batagur on 2006.05.21 at 19:36

Snark Gun

Feeling a little evil today

Posted by batagur on 2006.05.15 at 20:29
Current Mood: creative and evil

And who doesn't love Vladmir Putin. (Don't answer that.)

Boba Fett

Just needed to be made

Posted by batagur on 2006.02.05 at 18:06

Boba Fett

Inspired by, but not connected to certain events

Posted by batagur on 2006.02.02 at 21:16
Current Mood: bitchysnarky

Made for my own snarky amusment.

Boba Fett

I just had to

Posted by batagur on 2006.01.17 at 23:51

I just don't know why people make Qui-Gon out to be a total jerk.

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